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Polished Detailing & Ceramic Coating is the best choice in Columbia, SC for professional car detailing & ceramic coating. We offer mobile detailing in Irmo SC, Lexington SC, Chapin SC, and the surrounding Columbia metro area. Including Forest Acres SC, Blythewood SC, and Elgin SC. We are focused on offering premium car detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, and more. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service, knowledge, and expertise. Trusted top-shelf restoration and protection.

Starting with the basic full detail, to multiple levels of paint correction. Even wet sanding, followed by a ceramic coating.  Polished Detailing takes extreme pride in our work. Customers get back their car better than new.  Our goal is to achieve uncompromising customer satisfaction, no matter the vehicle, or prior condition. We are confident that our services will exceed any of your expectations.

We do not sell gimmicks, only results!

Ceramic Coating Columbia, SC | Car Detailing Columbia, SC

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Any detailer can tell you to use more than one wash bucket for car washes, and to avoid machine car washes. This greatly increases the safety of your painted and bare metal or chrome surfaces. What we offer our customers is knowledge and recommended practices.  Greatly reducing the risk of damage. We also utilize a foam cannon to lift and rinse contaminants before they ever get the chance to make it into the wash bucket.

Iron Removal

There is only true way to remove embedded iron particles from painted surfaces. That is with the use of a dedicated iron remover. Iron removers work by opening the pores of painted surfaces to isolate and exfoliate the encapsulated particles. Along with neutralizing the surrounding area of sediment that has developed. The use of iron removers is most impressive when used on wheels. Brake pads contain high levels of iron, and can easily embed into the wheel’s painted surface. Scheduling the use of iron removers accordingly helps keep your paint free of particles and healthy for years to come.

Clay Bar

Made from synthetics or even natural clay, automotive clay bars are used to remove contaminants from glass, painted surfaces, and even metal. When paired alongside chemicals such as iron removal, it ensures that the affected areas of your vehicle will have contaminants completely removed. Another perk of clay bars is that they are made from clay and are inherently elastic. Due to the material nature of the clay bar, contaminants are extracted and trapped. When done properly they do no harm to surfaces as the extraction process continues.

Paint Correction

There is a good chance that your vehicle could use some sort of paint correction. Whether it be a quick polish or multiple levels of paint correction. Most vehicles could have a certain degree of defects. Most commonly scratches, or micro marring.   On a perfectionist detail, we may use up to four levels of compound work. Sometimes even wet sanding in order to properly remove of all surface defects.  Paint correction, compounding, or polishing is the act of removing a layer of clear coat. This is to reduce or remove imbedded scratches / defects. Although paint correction can take time to properly remove defects, it is a much better alternative to having to paint a vehicle.

Traditional Wax

From carnauba to synthetic waxes to ceramic coatings, not every paint sealant is created equal. The amount of protection and shine that they deliver to your vehicle can vary. If you’ve ever taken a trip to your local superstore car section, you’ve probably realized that there are just too many different companies and styles to choose from. Most waxes are based on carnauba and blended with oils and polymers to soften the wax, as carnauba is very hard in its natural form. Most waxes last only a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the quality. 

Our shop uses only the highest quality detailing products to give your paint the maximum amount of protection possible from wax and or sealant for car detailing near me.

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Paint Sealants

In addition to the traditional wax job, paint sealants are liquid compounds that are engineered to adhere to a painted surface. They are designed to increase protection working alongside traditional waxes. Made from synthetic compounds, paint sealants bond stronger and harder than waxes. They tend to help bring a greater shine out of painted surfaces when applied in addition to waxes. Sealants also offer longer reapplication periods. Lasting in the range of six months to a year, and greater resistance to solvents and etching from fallout and hard watermarks. 

We typically use a blend of a hybrid wax and ceramic sealant for our basic packages to offer increased levels of shine and improved durability over traditional waxes. Although ceramic coatings have taken the detailing world by storm, a paint sealant is still a great option for ease of installation, care, and cost-effectiveness.

A ceramic coating is the strongest and longest-lasting protection available. It is applied to the paint of your vehicle. A ceramic coating is made from silicates and polymers. When applied to paint, a ceramic coating forms a scratch-resistant, semi-permanent surface that acts as a second clear coat. Typically, most consumer-grade ceramic coatings benefit from a 9H level hardness. Which greatly reduces the risk of scratching painted surfaces. Most coatings tend to last between one and three years.

Depending on installation and care after installation. Some even claim to protect for five or more years if enough layers are applied. The only major downside of a ceramic coating is that surfaces need to be corrected to perfection before the coating is applied. Ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the surface that it is applied to. Once the ceramic coating is applied, cured, and hardened, it can only be removed by the use of an electric polisher and/or wet sanding (if necessary).

The other drawback of a ceramic coating is that depending on the level of protection desired, they take considerably longer than traditional sealants and waxes to correct and apply. Which can also increase the upfront cost.

Never-less, nothing will protect your vehicle better or longer than a ceramic coating. It is worth considering for vehicle owners who prize their paint jobs and value ease of maintenance. It’s the best for a good reason!

Interior Detailing

Our professional mobile detailers can come to your home or place of business and completely restore your interior from top to bottom. Our technicians specialize in upholstery cleaning, seat and carpet extraction, leather cleaning, and more. Tired of your car not smelling fresh? We have the skills needed to make your interior like new again!

For most boat owners we recommend a bi-annual detail to maintain shine and protection. It’s most necessary to detail a marine vessel at the beginning and end of the season to clean off built-up contamination from trees and rain. However, fun on the lake can cause a need for detailing in the middle of summer as well and we are available year-round. Even if your boat is brand new, don’t hesitate to give us a call to have it protected before it even hits the water. 

Our boat detailing packages are charged by the foot.

We service marine detailing in all of Lake Murray, Forest Lake, Lake Katherine, Lake Wateree, etc. We will come to you! 

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What is a Ceramic Coating?

Professional use automotive ceramic coating is a sealant made of a chemical polymer solution. Typically applied by hand in small sections at a time before flashed and removed. It is designed to chemically bond and adhere with the surface to which it is applied. To protect that surface from damage.

Benefits Of Applying Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is very resilient for protecting a vehicle’s exterior. It is semi-permanent and makes cleaning easier. Compared to if it were not applied. Typically lasting between 6 months and 7 or more years. Coatings offer better protection properties for longer than traditional carnauba wax. Which is recommended monthly. Other than the obvious reasons that someone would want to apply a ceramic coating to their car, here are some examples below.

Ceramic Coating Cost

Although the cost of entry for a ceramic coating is higher than the entry-level “buff and wax”. It is not without the numerous benefits and value that it brings to the owner. Once a vehicle is ceramic coated, the first thing you will notice is the incredible level of gloss and depth on painted surfaces and wheels. The incredible hydrophobic properties cause water to bead. They do so very small and simply roll off the surface. Trim that has properly been coated will be more matte in appearance, but with increased darkness in color. 

The next benefit noted is the hydrophobic properties that a ceramic coating adds to the surfaces it is applied. When the coating is applied, it creates a contact angle of 110 degrees. Effectively minimizing the ability for water to cling to the surface. Causing it to bead very small and roll right off of vertical angles. This helps to keep your vehicle much cleaner during the time in between washes. And, causes dirt to mostly emulsify before actually applying pressure to the paint.

Ceramic coating vs Si02 infused

Si02 spray is another mild form of a “ceramic coating”. Offering 3-6 months’ worth of protection. Compared to the traditional coating, which typically lasts between 1–7 years based on the product and layers applied. Although not lasting nearly as long as a traditional ceramic coating, it still has some of the same properties once applied. Increased gloss, hydrophobic properties, scratch resistance, and UV protection. Can all benefit as well. These great products that are easily available on the market.Our shop only uses ceramic or silica-based products over traditional wax as they offer better properties and tend to last much longer.

Increased levels of gloss

​Along with all of the great protection benefits that come along with a ceramic coating, much like a paint protection film, the coating will give the paintwork a deep and glossy look. In most cases, it appears “better than new”. The ceramic coating does this by actually filling in the pores of the vehicle’s painted surfaces and causing surfaces to visibly look more “slick”.

Resistance to UV Rays

It’s easy to see the effect that the sun can have on surfaces.Vehicle substrates that are subjected to its rays every day. They begin to lose color, oxidize, and gain a dull appearance. If you park your vehicle in direct sunlight, your vehicle is taking beaten every day. A professional coating forms a sacrificial layer over the vehicle’s surfaces. To absorb and protect the substrate it is applied, effectively locking it in for years of protection.

Resistance to chemical staining

Acid rain, brake dust, and hard water are all detrimental to a perfect finish. They will embed themselves into the paintwork. Ultimately can cause permanent etching that cannot always be removed by the use of a machine polisher. A ceramic coating helps to resist etching. If etching does occur, the ceramic coating can be polished instead of having to remove the clear coat during polishing.

Light scratch Resistance

Most car pro ceramic coating companies offer coatings with a 9h hardness. Which effectively becomes a scratch-resistant layer on a vehicle’s substrates. The coating takes a beating, not the paint!

Easy & safe washes

Car washing can be a major pain for most people. If a vehicle is not properly coated in some sort of sealant, the car washing process takes more time due to the water’s easier ability to adhere. Along with the hydrophobic benefits, the actual surface that it is applied to benefits from light scratch protection due to the coating acting as a sacrificial layer. Drying the vehicle afterward is also much easier. As most of the water will roll off during the wash process. 80% of what is remaining can be blown away with a blower. 

Ceramic Coating vs PPF

It is a common misconception that ceramic coatings are an alternative to PPF film. but They are designed to be an alternative to waxing. Comparatively to waxing, ceramic coating tends to last for multiple years. Instead of months.

Due to the chemical bond a coating creates, the applied surface is kept in a protected condition. With the sacrificial layer of ceramic coating. This tends to give the applied surface a “glossy” finish. As the pores of the applied surface are filled with ceramic coating. This offers protection from UV, scratch resistance, chemical staining, and easier cleaning.

We offer the best customer service and care for car detailing in our market. Many different services and packages for customers. Multiple ceramic coating options to choose from. We also have available a mobile detailing service, and come to your location. Supreme quality and touch free convenience. Offering the highest quality products available for use on our customers’ vehicles. Never sacrificing material cost for the absolute best products that we can find. Years in the car detailing industry. With a passion for auto detailing, care and maintenance. Uncompromisingly dedicated to achieving the perfect restoration and enhancement. Tailored to your budget.

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