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Ceramic Coating Pricing

Light Prep - Ceramic Coating

1 Year Ceramic Coating
(Wash, Decontamination, Sealant)
$ 295
  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Decontamination / Clay Bar
  • Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating
  • Paint Correction Not Included

Graphene Ceramic Coating

1 Year Ceramic Coating
(Wash, Decontamination, Polish, Sealant)
$ 520
  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Decontamination / Clay Bar
  • Single Paint Correction Polish
  • Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating

Gtechniq Crystal Serum

5 year Traditional Coating
(Wash, decontamination, Polish, Coating)
$ 825
  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Decontamination / Clay Bar
  • Single Paint Correction Polish
  • One Layer Gtechniq CSL
Most Value

Gtecnhiq Crystal Serum / EXO

7 year Traditional Coating
(Wash, decontamination, Polish, Coating)
$ 1050
  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Decontamination / Clay Bar
  • Single Paint Correction Polish
  • One Layer Gtechniq CSL
  • One Layer Gtechniq EXO
2 Layers!

Ceramic Coating

Our process involves a deep cleaning wash process before carrying out complete decontamination of all exterior surfaces, as well as paint correction, utilizing as many as seven steps at your desired budget/level of “perfection” to completely prep your vehicle. Following the desired paint correction , the vehicle is wiped with an alcohol-based cleaner to completely remove wax and polish before the ceramic coating is applied. Without a doubt, this is the most important aspect of a ceramic coating. A surface that has been prepped improperly will cause the coating to not last as long.

Next after prepping the surface, the coating is applied in 2×2 sections and monitored for its adhesion. The surface is then carefully leveled to keep the coating from having “high spots” that will appear as smears that will have to be compounded and, in some cases, wet sand. Depending on the number of coats, a ceramic coating can last up to seven years

Additional Services

 All pricing listed is base pricing

Trucks / SUV incur higher rates

Additional paint correction beyond 1 step polish is $75 per hour
*(Each additional layer of ceramic coating is $200*) (Gtechnic EXO)
*(Ceramic trim coating can be had at additional cost, varies by vehicle)
*(Ceramic coating for wheels is additional $300-450 depending on size)
Headlight restoration + ceramic coating ($50)
Ceramic coating for seats – $200 per row
Ceramic coating for windows – $200-$400
($75 windshield only)
Engine Bay Cleaning – $75
Pet hair removal – $75 per hour
Wet Sanding – $75 per hour

How Ceramic Coating Is Applied

Professional use automotive ceramic coating is a sealant that is made of a chemical polymer solution that is typically applied by hand in small sections at a time before the product is flashed and removed. It is designed to chemically bond and adhere with the surface to which it is applied, to protect that surface from damage.

Ceramic Coating vs PPF

It is a common misconception that ceramic coatings are an alternative to PPF film, but they are designed to be an alternative to waxing. Comparatively to waxing, ceramic coating tends to last for multiple years instead of months.

Due to the chemical bond a coating creates, the applied surface is kept in a protected condition with the sacrificial layer of ceramic coating. this tends to give the applied surface a “glossy” finish as the pores of the applied surface are filled with ceramic coating. This offers protection from UV, scratch resistance, chemical staining, and easier cleaning!

Ceramic Coating Cost

Although the cost of entry for a ceramic coating is higher than the entry-level “buff and wax”, it is not without the numerous benefits and value that it brings to the owner of a vehicle that is coated. Once a vehicle is ceramic coated, the first thing you will notice is the incredible level of gloss and depth on painted surfaces and wheels. The incredible hydrophobic properties cause water to bead very small and simply roll off the surface. Trim that has properly been coated will be more matte in appearance but with increased darkness in color. 

The next benefit noted is the hydrophobic properties that a ceramic coating adds to the surfaces it is applied.When the coating is applied, it creates a contact angle of 110 degrees, effectively minimizing the ability for water to cling to the surface and causing it to bead up very small and roll right off of vertical angles. This helps to keep your vehicle much cleaner during the time in between washes and causes dirt to mostly emulsify before actually applying pressure to the paint.

Ceramic coating vs Si02 infused

Si02 spray is another mild form of a “ceramic coating”, offering 3-6 months’ worth of protection, compared to the traditional coating, which typically lasts between 1–7 years based on the product and layers applied. Although not lasting nearly as long as a traditional ceramic coating, it still has some of the same properties once applied. Increased gloss, hydrophobic properties, scratch resistance, and UV protection can all benefit as well. Because of these great products that are easily available on the market, our shop only uses ceramic or silica-based products over traditional wax as they offer better properties and tend to last much longer.
Enjoy a cleaner car that stays cleaner longer!

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Benefits Of Applying Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is very resilient for protecting a vehicle’s exterior. It is semi-permanent and makes cleaning easier than if it were not applied. Typically lasting between 6 months and 7 or more years, coatings offer better protection properties for longer than traditional carnauba wax, which is recommended monthly. Other than the obvious reasons that someone would want to apply a ceramic coating to their car, here are some examples below.

Resistance to UV Rays

It’s easy to see the effect that the sun can have on surfaces that are subjected to its rays every day. They begin to lose color, oxidize, and gain a dull appearance. If you park your vehicle in direct sunlight, your vehicle is taking beaten every day. A professional coating forms a sacrificial layer over the vehicle’s surfaces to absorb and protect the substrate it is applied, effectively locking it in for years of protection.

Resistance to chemical staining

Acid rain, brake dust, and hard water are all detrimental to a perfect finish. They will embed themselves into the paintwork and can cause permanent etching that cannot always be removed by the use of a machine polisher. A ceramic coating helps to resist etching, and if etching does occur, the ceramic coating can be polished out instead of having to remove the clear coat during polishing.

Scratch Resistance

Most car pro ceramic coating companies offer coatings with a 9h hardness, which effectively becomes a scratch-resistant layer on a vehicle’s substrates. The coating takes a beating, not the paint!

Easier cleaning / safer washing

Car washing can be a major pain for most people. If a vehicle is not properly coated in some sort of sealant, the car washing process takes more time due to the water’s easier ability to adhere. Along with the hydrophobic benefits, the actual surface that it is applied to benefits from light scratch protection due to the coating acting as a sacrificial layer. Drying the vehicle afterward is also much easier, as most of the water will roll off during the wash process. 80% of what is remaining can be blown away with a blower. 

Insane levels of gloss

​Along with all of the great protection benefits that come along with a ceramic coating, much like a paint protection film, the coating will give the paintwork a deep and glossy look. In most cases, it appears “better than new”. The ceramic coating does this by actually filling in the pores of the vehicle’s painted surfaces and causing surfaces to visibly look more “slick”.

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