Maintenance Wash Club

Our maintenance wash program is designed for the individual who enjoys having a clean car, washed safely, without a disappointing trip to the car wash. We offer a completely mobile car wash by use of our state-of-the-art detailing trailer equipped with solar power, and our water supply. Give us a try and find out just how easy it can be to maintain your vehicle to the highest standards!

This is not the same as taking your car to the car wash, our service guarantees a certain level of “perfection” and lasts much longer between washes than your typical car wash. The vehicle is washed by hand (the hard way) to guarantee a safe washing experience without marring. This service offers a continual return on investment in compounding depth + gloss and keeps the vehicle in a fresh spray of sealant after every wash to extend the protection already on the vehicle.

Ask about our weekly, and bi-weekly discount options.

To access our maintenance wash program, you must purchase a standard detail from our auto detailing page and go no longer than 5 weeks between washes. Pricing may vary if the vehicle requires more severe treatment.

weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly

Our maintenance washes are reserved for clients who have received a previous detail from us, or clients with brand new vehicles. If you received a detail from Polished in the past 3 months, this will be all you’ll need to bring your vehicle back.

*Inquire for weekly / bi-weekly discount.

We offer maintenance plans at a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on preference.
Contact for any questions or concerns.

Maintenance Exterior

-Clean wheels face and barrel
-Wheel wells
-Two bucket wash w/ foam cannon
-Deionized water rinse
-Bug removal
-Drying of vehicle using air cannon and premium microfiber towels.
-Drying aid / sealant added to painted surfaces / wheels.
-Door jams cleaned thoroughly.
-Gas fill compartment cleaned thoroughly.

Maintenance Interior

-All interior carpet and seats lightly vacuumed.
-All leather, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces lightly cleaned
-All windows, mirrors, gauges and stereos are cleaned with a streak-free product.

​Prices listed above are for coupes. Sedans 10% more per package, Crossovers are 20% more per package, SUV’s / trucks are 30% more per package.

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